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Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is an interesting guy. At one point he left the band after catching his daughter singing the lyrics to the band’s “A.D.I.D.A.S.,” found god, and rejoined the band. Now, it seems as though he’s found some pretty nice furniture.

Earlier this weekend, Welch appeared in an Instagram reel for Furniture City Bakersfield, which is obviously a furniture store in his hometown in Bakersfield.

The video starts with Welch welcoming viewers, as he begins touring the premises, Welch tries out everything he can find in the show room. He hops in a bed, saying “this is built for a king! Look at this thing.” He hops in (with his shoes in, weird move) and exclaims “you just feel like a king in this thing!”

The whole video is him being further amazed and perplexed that Furniture City is a city unto itself of furniture, spanning multiple showrooms. He’s transfixed by the size of a chandelier, as he goes from the bedroom section to the dining room section.

Throughout the video, he drops some absolutely unbelievably quotable lines, like “Vegas will break the bank, Furniture City will not.”

It’s hard to say whether Furniture City is paying Welch major money for this tour of the premises, or if he’s motivated by his love of furniture to show the people of Bakersfield what’s going on. Either way, it’s a video to be remembered and one that’s been cracking us up since we started watching it. Hopefully it will crack you up too (and for Furniture City, maybe make you want to travel out to Bakersfield and buy a sofa).

Maybe Jonathan Davis will do an ad for a retro video game store next. Who’s to say? The possibilities are endless.

Watch Korn’s Brian Head Welch in Furniture City Ad


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