Watch: Incendiary Nearly Destroy Record Store in Live Performance

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Incendiary has been one of the best hardcore bands going for a minute.

Part of what makes them an essential band for the scene is the absolute fury and tenacity they bring to shows. In the past, that energy has translated to a multitude of different platforms, including tiny clubs or gigantic stages (like when they performed at a major WWE event).

If you ever wanted proof of what the band is capable of, Incendiary just posted a performance video from a recent in-store event at Rough Trade, NYC celebrating the release of their latest record Change the Way You Think About Pain.

The video features footage of what went down at the store’s record release show during their playthrough of “Jesus Bones.” Despite the song being barely out at that point, fans were going absolutely apeshit during the set, and moshing their asses off.

Our favorite bit from the performance is definitely when one maniac decided to crowd surf off of the checkout counter and into a pile of bodies while everything was happening. The band urged fans to respect the store and not go too nuts, and for the most part showgoers complied, but it was still clearly an absolutely raucous time.

Of the album, frontman Brendan Garrone says, “Much of the content of the record deals with the idea of pain, specifically pain avoidance. Guitarist Brian Audley added, “The goal with this album was to refine our songwriting and deliver it more aggressively. The expectation for a hardcore band on their fourth LP may be to start sanding the edges off and becoming more polished and anthemic. We wanted to go the complete opposite direction and make them sharper.”

Sharper it is. Check out the full footage of their in-store performance of “Jesus Bones” below (via Revolver) and pick up your copy of the record here.

Watch Incendiary Live at Rough Trade Records NYC