Watch: Hypocrite Kid Rock Drinks Bud Light Months After He Had a Complete Meltdown Over Their ‘Wokeness’

White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons/Adobe Stock
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Kid Rock is a fraud.

Robert James Ritchie has spent his whole life pretending to be somebody he’s not, whether it’s a rapper from the streets or a country star of the people, despite being the son of a well-off car dealership owner and now a millionaire musician. It’s clear that he’s found his audience of believers, and will spout any right-wing talking point to appease them.

A few months ago, Kid Rock took to Twitter to join in on the outrage against Bud Light. This all stemmed from Anheuser-Busch making a single commemorative Bud Light can for trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. This upset many online, calling for a boycott of all Anheuser-Busch products and countless online showing their outrage.

One extremely “outraged” musician, of course was Kid Rock. His response to the whole deal was to buy a stack of Bud Lights and shoot them up.

Clearly, Kid Rock is a man of integrity, and would really keep up the fight against the evil Bud Light, right?

Apparently not.

TMZ caught some footage of Kid Rock in Nashville last night watching country singer Colt Ford perform. Most notably, in this footage caught, was the fact that Kid Rock was drinking Bud Light during the show.

How could this be? Surely somebody with unwavering morals and standards like Kid Rock wouldn’t forget the stand he was taking against the company for supporting trans people.

Or maybe Kid Rock doesn’t actually believe any of that, and is only looking to make a political stand when it benefits him with his followership. Maybe, shooting up a stack of Bud Lights was less about his outrage and more about him being an opportunist, willing to do whatever it takes to get attention.

Or, maybe Bud Light is an irresistible beer. Hard to say. Watch the footage below from TMZ.