Video: Disturbed’s Insane Pyro Display Sets Off Sprinkler System, Again

Biha, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Disturbance echoed through the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey on Monday night, August 21, when heavy metal band Disturbed’s pyrotechnics set off the venue’s emergency sprinkler system.

The climactic end to “Inside The Fire” was met with an unexpected rain shower, drenching the stage and the four group members. This unexpected turn of events was not an isolated incident. A fan-captured video of this spectacle has since gone viral.

A parallel occurrence transpired on July 27 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion outside Houston, Texas. Reflecting on the Houston downpour, frontman David Draiman tweeted,

“Our pyro set off the fire suppression system… for a surprise rain shower onstage lol.” Dan Donegan, the band’s guitarist, chimed in on Instagram about the damage to their gear: “This goes down as one of the most memorable shows for sure. Plus destroyed my in ears and [microphone] and possibly other gear.”

Despite the unforeseen interruptions, Disturbed continued to play “Inside The Fire” as the closing act for the “Take Back Your Life” North American tour. The performances in Camden and Houston were not abbreviated due to the sprinkler episodes. Draiman, reminiscing about the band’s penchant for pyrotechnics in a 2016 interview, mentioned, “We blow it up pretty good… We live for it.”

However, he conceded that such fiery performances pose challenges, particularly for breathing: “When you have that much pyro… it burns off all the oxygen on the deck.”

Disturbed inaugurated the summer 2023 leg of its tour on July 11 in Denver, Colorado. Joining them are Breaking Benjamin and Jinjer. In a conversation earlier this year, Draiman articulated the band’s decision to headline, emphasizing the liberty it provides: “When you’re doing your thing and that’s the primary focus, it really opens up the possibilities.”

Watch the full video below, and see what happened last time they set off a sprinkler system here.