Who Is Kim Dracula – Gender, Musical Journey and New Album

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The Rise and Rave of Kim Dracula

Emerging from Hobart, Tasmania, Kim Dracula, often identified as Samuel Wellings, has carved a niche for themself in the trap metal and hardcore music arena. Garnering immense attention on TikTok, their distinct music has entranced listeners globally. Not just adept at crafting fresh tracks, they also showcase their prowess by transforming typical songs into metal masterpieces. Before their solo acclaim, they fronted the heavy metal ensemble Jesterpose, which launched an EP named “COVID-19” in 2020. The intriguing name “Kim Dracula” resonates with Deftones‘ track from “Saturday Night Wrist,” shedding light on their artistic inspirations.

Unpacking Perceptions: Kim Dracula’s Gender

Kim Dracula’s presence on platforms like TikTok is colossal, making them a notable figure in Australia’s online community. While their looks might stir speculations about Kim Dracula being a transgender male, they identify as male, though they go by they/them pronouns. Their prowess shines bright with viral hits like the metal version of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, amassing massive play counts across YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

Awaiting the Musical Revelation: A Gradual Decline In Morale

July 14th is a date experimental metal fans will remember as Kim Dracula dropped their much-awaited album, A Gradual Decline In Morale. The recent single, “Land Of The Sun,” set the stage for what’s to come. Expect a riveting auditory expedition filled with introspection, emotions, and artistic metamorphosis as the album promises to redefine experimental metal.

The Countdown Begins: Kim Dracula’s Debut Album Release Date

The clock ticked down to July 14th when the musical realm was graced with A Gradual Decline In Morale. This pivotal moment is keenly watched by fans and critics alike, with everyone prepped to be spellbound by Kim Dracula’s matchless sound and artistic flair.

Diving into the Artist’s Life: Kim Dracula’s Age and Legacy

Samuel Wellings aka Kim Dracula was born on November 23, 1997 and is currently 25 years old. Kim Dracula’s age of 25 doesn’t hinder the magnitude of their accomplishments. Their innovative experimental metal approach has enamored audiences globally. As we watch their journey unfold, it’s evident that this prodigious artist is destined for greater heights in the music world.

Kim Dracula’s Best Song

Although many fans will argue what Kim Dracula’s best song is, many will agree that it’s “Death Before Designer” featuring SosMula of City Morgue. Hear that song below:

Kim Dracula Tour 

Kim Dracula, Avenged Sevenfold have toured earlier this year in 2023. For all of Kim Dracula’s tour dates, check out their main site here.