Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan Flashes Crowd at Mötley Crüe Show

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It’s been well established that Tommy Lee loves getting nude, no matter what. In recent months, the Mötley Crüe drummer has shown himself multiple times to fans on his Instagram. But apparently, his exhibitionism isn’t just relegated to him, and his girlfriend is more than happy to get in on it.

During Mötley Crüe’s show in El Paso, Texas on August 18, Lee expressed his disappointment at not witnessing any audacious displays from the audience. Responding to the call, several women were captured on camera, their images magnified on the large monitors for all to see. But the highlight was yet to come.

In a spontaneous move, Lee announced, “I know somebody who ain’t fucking scared, I’m gonna bring my wife out here to show you her fucking titties. You guys ready for this?” Brittany Furlan then took center stage, obliging the audience with a brief but bold flash, before exiting amidst roaring cheers.

Lee later acknowledged the moment, rhetorically asking if that didn’t “get the party started”, before plunging back into their set.

The immediate aftermath saw a storm on social media, with fans expressing everything from amusement to admiration. “Girl, thanks for showing your boobs tonight, your kind service is appreciated,” tweeted one fan, while another exclaimed, “You made my whole night.”

This isn’t the first time Furlan has been acknowledged by the Crüe’s fanbase. In a previous concert, a fan wore an “I love Brittany” shirt underneath her regular tee. Mid-concert, she revealed the hidden message in a show of solidarity to Furlan. Grateful for the support, Brittany shared the video on her Instagram, captioning it with a heartfelt “Thank you kween.”

While the Mötley Crüe concerts promise an eclectic mix of music and unexpected moments, one thing is clear – if you’re planning to catch them live in Japan or Australia this November, be prepared for a show that pushes boundaries.

We’d post photos but we don’t want to get banned. Check out tweets reacting to the moment below.


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