Thy Art Is Murder Make Instagram Post Claiming to Support Trans Rights

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Amidst a recent swirl of online controversy, deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder has taken to social media, notably Instagram, to clarify their stance on transgender rights.

The band’s Wednesday (Aug. 23) post showcased the transgender flag, accompanied by the words, “Setting the record straight, we stand with you,” rounded off with the transgender flag emoji.

This gesture came hot on the heels of a contentious post by CJ McMahon, the band’s lead vocalist. As reported by outlets such as MetalSucks, McMahon had reposted a video, originally shared by right-wing commentator Matt Walsh. The video portrayed a mother asking her young child about their gender identity in a seemingly disparaging context. McMahon’s strong remarks on the video, suggesting harm to the mother, elicited significant online backlash.

In the wake of this controversy, McMahon announced his departure from social media with a farewell message. “I am going off social media for good,” McMahon expressed, stating his intentions to focus on band-related content and hinting at the possibility of joining OnlyFans, though his proposed content nature raised eyebrows given the platform’s guidelines.

Thy Art Is Murder’s recent post in support of transgender rights, while clear in its message, did not directly address McMahon’s comments. Some observers labeled the band’s response as a “low energy attempt,” noting the lack of direct acknowledgment of the controversial statements made by their vocalist.

Some feel like it’s a capitulation to the outrage that came against the band. It should also be noted the band muted comments on the post, not allowing for anybody to respond directly.

It remains to be seen how this will impact the band’s image and reception, especially as they gear up for their upcoming album release, “Godlike,” scheduled for September 15.

For more context on where the outrage surfaced, check out the screenshots below from third-party accounts detailing the events.


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