The Hair Metal Singer Who Wrote Most of the Biggest Pop Hits of The Past Three Decades

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Before he became synonymous with the golden age of pop, sculpting hits for a galaxy of stars, Karl Martin Sandberg (later known as Max Martin) had an unexpectedly early start in the world of music – as a member of a hair metal band.

This transition from hair metal to pop illustrates the depth and versatility of his musical prowess, marking him as one of the most impactful producers of our time. Hell, the guy’s only had 25 number-1 hit singles and is tied with Beatles mastermind George Martin for most Hot 100 number-one songs as a producer.

Martin’s journey began much differently though in the late 1980s as a young, struggling metal musician.

During his teenage years, he performed with various bands and in 1985, he became the lead singer of a glam-metal band, It’s Alive. Choosing to dedicate himself to music, Martin left high school and adopted the moniker “Martin White”.

In 1988, It’s Alive competed in “Rock-SM”, a national talent competition and also had a regular gig at a Cyprus nightclub. Their big break came in 1991 when Dave Constable from Megarock Records approached them to record a demo. Their debut album, initially produced in a limited run of 1,000 copies, was later distributed for free with the UK’s Metal Forces magazine.

Choosing music as his path proved fruitful when they secured a deal with producer Denniz PoP’s label, Cheiron Records, which was associated with BMG. Following their second album, Earthquake Visions, they released three associated singles and embarked on a European tour in 1994, opening for Kingdom Come. At this point, they were essentially a funk metal band that sounded super similar to Faith No More. However, despite being available in 30 countries, Earthquake Visions only managed to sell around 30,000 copies.

Though they did enjoy some moderate success in their native Sweden, they never quite made it to international stardom. But for Martin, this period was more about laying the foundation and honing his skills as a songwriter and musician.

After the band disbanded, Martin took a different route, diving deep into the realm of pop music. It didn’t take long for his talents to be recognized. Under the mentorship of Swedish producer Denniz Pop, Martin embarked on what would be one of the most remarkable careers in pop music production.

To merely list the hits Martin has written or co-written is to recite a veritable playlist of the last few decades. From Britney Spears’ breakout “…Baby One More Time” to The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”, and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”, his touch is ubiquitous.

He’s been the force behind Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left To Cry”, and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”. This list only scratches the surface.

Max Martin’s signature style seamlessly combines catchy hooks with unforgettable melodies, ensuring that his tracks aren’t just hits, but also enduring anthems. Over the years, he’s garnered numerous awards and accolades, holding the record for the third-most number-one singles on the chart behind only Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

But it’s not just the statistics and awards that solidify Martin’s legendary status. It’s the undeniable impact he’s had on the pop music landscape. The transition from a hair metal band member to producing some of pop’s most defining tracks showcases not only his adaptability but also an uncanny ability to tap into the musical zeitgeist of any given time.