The Classic Horror Movie That ‘Terrified’ Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl: Lindsay, Uploaded by TheCuriousGnome, CC BY 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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When it comes to rockers who love horror movies, it’s always fascinating to learn which title is the one that has freaked them out the most. For example, among the films he has seen, there is one horror movie that Cannibal Corpse‘s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher considers to be “the most evil, creepy movie that there is.”

But while Fisher may be open to revisiting that particular flick, there is one film that “terrified” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl so badly that, as he puts it: “Still to this day, it’s hard for me to watch.”

During a past conversation with Entertainment Weekly, while promoting the Foo Fighters movie Studio 666, Grohl was asked to name his favorite horror movies.

He ends up shouting out four films, three of them being The Exorcist, Halloween (1978), and The Witch.

While each of these films makes for a remarkable horror experience, it’s the fourth film that really got to Grohl and “terrified” him. That horror movie is none other than 1979’s The Amityville Horror.

Speaking about the impact the movie had on him, Grohl says:

“I remember when The Amityville Horror book came out, it was a bestseller, my older sister was reading it, and when she was done, she handed it to me. I don’t want to say it was the first book I ever read [laughs], but it was the first one that I devoured cover to cover. Then the film came out. Oh my God, I was so terrified. Still to this day, it’s hard for me to watch because I was so affected by it when I was a kid.”

Have you seen the 1979 Amityville Horror? If so, did it creep you out? What’s a horror movie that terrified you so much that now you can’t bring yourself to rewatch it?

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