Testament’s Alex Skolnick Says Pop Music More Likely to Be AI-Driven Than Metal

Adam Zimberg, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The use of an AI music generator has become increasingly popular, with people using them to create cover songs, melodies, harmonies and more. When it comes to AI music, Testament‘s Alex Skolnick “cannot picture AI doing what we do as live musicians” according to his interview with Ultimate Guitar.

In Skolnick’s interview, transcribed by Blabbermouth, he says:

“That’s a very recent technology, and it remains to be seen how that impacts music and the music industry as a whole. It’s a little bit scary in a way, but as somebody that does a lot of improvisational music, even though I’m best known for my work playing heavy metal, I know the improvisational music is very hard to replicate.

“I cannot picture AI doing what we do as live musicians, playing off of each other and giving the human touch to music. I can understand it with other music.”

The Testament guitarist goes on to explain that he envisions AI only working for certain genres such as certain types, but not all.

“I’m not sure it would work for heavy metal. I would imagine some types of heavy metal, I’m sure AI could come up with a riff, come up with something that sounds like Judas Priest or whatever, but I don’t know how convincing that would be.

“I know it has worked with some of the more recent pop music such as Drake and The Weeknd, but that music’s pretty mechanical to begin with. So to me, that already sounds like a machine came up with it. So I think music like that is much more in danger than guitar music, at least for now.”

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Alex Skolnick on AI Replicating Live Musicians