Ted Nugent Throws Tantrum Against ‘Commies’ at Facebook For Deleting Page

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Texas rock musician Ted Nugent has been suspended from Facebook, stirring a new wave of controversy around the firebrand guitarist known for his extreme right-wing views. Responding to the ban, Nugent took to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to have a tantrum against the platform.

“The Facebook commies have censored me,” Nugent emphatically stated in a self-shot video. He continued, “Censorship has always been a plus for the human species when you shut someone down that you’re incapable of debating with.”

Nugent, aged 74, is no stranger to controversy. He has fervently advocated for gun rights, shown unwavering support for indicted ex-president Donald Trump, and his remarks on subjects ranging from religious freedom to racism and LGBTQ rights have made him both a revered and reviled figure. The exact reasons behind the suspension of Nugent’s Facebook account remain unclear.

During his video on X, Nugent unleashed a series of rallying cries: “It’s Uncle Ted with my truth logic, common sense, we the people, good over evil, self-defense, God, family, country, constitution, Bill of Rights, ten commandments, golden rule, Declaration of Independence, the great white buffalo of the swirling dust of the American dream arena, where we stumble but we get right back up instantly. Put our heart and soul into being the best that we can be and supporting and demanding law and order. All that radical stuff. Ted Nugent, radical extremist, daring to experiment in self-government, reporting for duty on the big X.”

Surely it’s Facebook’s anti-American stance and not the fact that, I don’t know, Nugent regularly spreads bullshit to his thousands of followers. Surely.

Nugent also addressed his Facebook suspension in a separate video posted to his Instagram account. “I’ve been censored, banished from Facebook. You know why? Cuz the Nazis don’t like my Schindler’s list. Good over evil,” he declared. Of course, the irony that he’s making this statement on Instagram, a platform owned by Facebook parent company Meta, was lost on Nugent.

The 74-year-old musician, who has previously stoked conspiracy theories about the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the coronavirus pandemic on various Big Tech platforms, urged his 554,000 Instagram followers to continue supporting him. A message accompanying his video further clarified, “Ted has been kicked off Facebook!! We will continue on Instagram and X!”

Nugent’s disdain for big social media entities is well-documented. A staunch supporter of Donald Trump, he echoed the sentiments of the former U.S. president, who was suspended from his social accounts in January 2021 following the Capitol riot.

Presently, Nugent is on his farewell tour, which will conclude in September. Thank god.

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