Former Megadeth Guitarist Jeff Young on Dave Mustaine: ‘He hates What Kings of Thrash Is Doing’

Dave Mustaine: opethpainter, CC BY 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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When it comes to talking about his former bandmate Dave Mustaine, ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young has been known to drop some intense takes. In an interview from earlier this year, Young called the Megadeth frontman a “pathological liar.”

More recently though, Young has shared that the next album from Kings of Thrash – his band with former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson – will be “better than anything Megadeth has done recently.”

Young made this claim and expressed a couple of other verbal jabs toward Mustaine during a recent conversation with Metal Edge.

At one point during this chat, Young says that since Mustaine makes money “off the publishing from the Megadeth songs” Kings of Thrash play, the frontman is “very aware” of what Kings of Thrash is up to. Per Young:

“Let me put it this way: What’s happening now is a win for all of us — Dave included. He gets to make money off the publishing from the Megadeth songs we play. Dave knows that, so he’s very aware of us.”

Following this, the former Megadeth guitarist goes on to share that he believes Mustaine “hates what Kings of Thrash is doing,” and that the band’s next album will be “better than anything Megadeth has done recently.” Per Young:

“He hates what Kings of Thrash is doing. But it doesn’t matter because, eventually, we’ll delete a lot of the Megadeth from our set, and we’ll keep writing new stuff. But Dave is feeling the heat because we’re getting attention, and the Kings of Thrash album will be better than anything Megadeth has done recently. And we’re playing all the Megadeth songs better than he has in years. It’s not just me saying that — read the reviews.”

What do you make of these claims from Jeff Young? What do you think of Kings of Thrash as a band?

Back in July, Young clapped back at Mustaine over a diss the latter made regarding Megadeth’s ex-members, calling the frontman a “douchebag.”