Ex-Slipknot Singer Anders Colsefni Says He’s Down To Collaborate With His Former Band For New Music

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Recently, former Slipknot singer Anders Colsefni announced a tour for later this year where he’ll perform some of the band’s early songs. Colsefni is the band’s original vocalist, and during his time in the nu-metal outfit, he helped to create the band’s demo known as Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.

During a recent chat with Kaosis frontman Xen, via the band’s podcast on their YouTube channel, Colsefni was asked if he would be down to record new material with Slipknot if they were to reach out to him.

Regarding this hypothetical collaboration, Colsefni says (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Yeah, absolutely. If they contacted me and wanted me to do something, yeah, why not?”

The former Slipknot vocalist is then asked to name his favorite song from the band. Colsefni replies by shouting out one of Slipknot’s classics:

“To be honest with you, I’m gonna say ‘Wait And Bleed’, the very first one that hit right after I left. And it’s the one that I would have thought that I would have hated the most, just because of my circumstances. But that song, when I heard it, I’m, like, ‘That’s it. I couldn’t have done that like that. So kudos to you, guys.’ So ‘Wait And Bleed’.”

After 26 years of being away from the band, it would be pretty surreal and awesome to hear Anders Colsefni collaborate with his former Slipknot bandmates. What do you think of such a collaboration? Below you will find Colsefni’s upcoming tour dates.

Anders Colsefni interview

Upcoming Anders Colsefni and Waylon Reavis 2023 tour dates

  • October 11th – Sydney – Crowbar
    October 12th – Adelaide – Enigma Bar
    October 13th – Melbourne – Bendigo Hotel
    October 14th – Brisbane – Mansfield Tavern
    October 15th – Goldcoast – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
    October 16th – Toowoomba – Irish Club Hotel
    October 18th – Auckland – Neck Of The Woods
    October 19th – Taranaki – 8 Bar Pool And Darts
    October 20th – Wellington – Valhalla
    October 21st – Christchurch – The Embankment
    October 22nd – Queenstown – Yonder
    October 23rd – Dunedin – Dive