Disgraced Ex-Lost Prophets Singer Reportedly Stabbed, Beaten in Prison Hostage Situation

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According to The Mirror, disgraced ex-Lost Prophets singer Iat Watkins was held hostage by fellow prisoners and brutally beaten and stabbed for 6 hours today.

Watkins is currently serving a 29-year-long sentence at HMP Wakefield for multiple truly heinous sex crimes against children.

A source told The Mirror that “He [Watkins] was found by officers after being held hostage and battered on Saturday morning. He’s in a life-threatening condition and there are fears he could die. If he survives, he’ll have been very lucky.”

According to The Sun, Watkins was stabbed in the neck and saved by prison guards:

“Watkins was attacked today by three pretty heavy-duty cons. They got hold of him on B-wing and dragged him into a cell where they roughed him up and barricaded themselves in.

He was screaming and was obviously terrified and in fear of his life. They put the whole wing on lockdown and then sent in riot teams.

Watkins is obviously unpopular because of who he is – and has been walking around with a huge target on his back. They got him on a Saturday, which is generally quieter with less staff on and it seems to have been planned. People heard that he was in a bad way when he came out but will probably survive.”

Lost Prophets was at one time a massive rock band, selling millions of albums before Watkins’ disgusting crimes were exposed. In a case that the presiding judge said “plunged into new depths of depravity,” Watkins was accused of multiple sexual offenses involving children, including infants.

He plead guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13, three counts of sexual assault involving children, six counts of indecent images involving children, and one count of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal.

One of the children in question was less than a year old. Watkins filmed the attempted rapes, which were found on an encrypted hard drive. Wales Online, who live-blogged the guilty plea hearing, reported that the court heard details that were “too graphic to be published.” In a recorded phone call with a female fan from prison, Watkins referred to his crimes as “mega lolz.”