Billie Eilish Just Promoted This Metalcore Band to Her 100+ Million Followers

Billie Eilish: crommelincklars, CC BY 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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It’s always surprising and awesome to see Billie Eilish show off her heavy metal fandom. In the past, the pop star has been seen multiple times rocking gear that features the imagery and names of several metal and punk bands.

More recently though, via her Instagram Stories, Eilish shared a video of her driving and blasting some metalcore – this video being shared with her 100+ million followers.

The band that Eilish is listening to in the video is the Buffalo, New York metalcore act known as It Dies Today. The band formed in 2001, and over the course of their career, they have released three studio albums.

In her video, Eilish is listening to the band’s song “A Threnody for Modern Romance,” a track off of their 2004 album The Caitiff Choir. Below you can find a screenshot of this video, and you can also check out the video for yourself via this link here.

This is some seriously great publicity for the band, considering that the pop star has such a massive following.

And on an ironic note, while It Dies Today did retire back in 2015, they will be making a comeback next month. This September, It Dies Today will be reuniting for a performance at Furnace Fest.

While it’s unclear what is ahead in It Dies Today’s future, perhaps this video from Eilish will bring them even more fans, and with even greater interest in the band, maybe they could go on to make new music. Only time will tell though.

One thing is for sure, it’s really cool to see Billie Eilish show the metalcore act some love. We wonder what other metal bands the pop star is also rocking out to.

It’s great when fans of pop, or any other genre, discover heavy metal for the first time. Last year, while talking about gatekeeping in heavy metal, GWAR’s Pustulus Maximus said: “My philosophy is ‘It’s okay to like stuff.’ If you wanna like good ol’ Dirkschneider over there and Mercyful Fate and Billie Eilish in the same day, that’s fine. It doesn’t matter.”


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