The 10 Weirdest Album Covers From Heavy Metal Bands

No One Deserves Happiness: Sheila Sachs (layout), Thrill Jockey, The Body / Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water: Wes Borland (cover art), Flip, Interscope, Limp Bizkit / Load: Andres Serrano (artist), Elektra, Metallica
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Heavy metal is home to some of the most epic-looking, grossest, offensive and weirdest album covers in the history of music. It also has its fair share of bizarre and weird album covers.

Such covers make you want to scratch your head and ask, “Just what the hell was the band thinking? What is this imagery trying to tell me?”

While a lot of these covers can be quite comical-looking, some also make for surreal and intriguing works of art. With that in mind, below you will find a list we’ve compiled of the 10 weirdest heavy metal album covers.

Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom – Brutal Truth

For their fourth studio album, grindcore act Brutal Truth went with an abrasive-looking album cover. While the intention behind this cover may have been to provide some sort of commentary, the art just comes across as incredibly goofy.

Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom: Hoak (Cover [Concept]), Eric Horst (Art Direction, Design), Relapse

Sacred Son – Sacred Son

When we think of black metal, we think of dudes in corpse paint posing in a dark and creepy forest – not a casual and serene snapshot of a frontman chilling in front of the ocean. But for Sacred Son’s self-titled LP, band frontman Dane Cross decided to go with such a creative direction, making for one of the most unique covers to appear in the black metal genre.

Sacred Son: Cover design by Dane Cross, Independent

See You On The Other SideKorn

The artwork for Korn’s See You On The Other Side is as intriguing as it is bizarre. There’s a whole lot of creepy and odd imagery to process here, and frankly, it’s quite the visual overload.

See You On The Other Side: David Stoupakis (cover), EMI Records, Virgin Records, Korn


The album cover art for Tool’s debut LP is not just weird, it is an uncomfortable type of weird. The floating ribcage leaves a lot to the imagination, making for a striking and surreal metal album cover that’ll get audiences pondering just what the hell this image is meant to represent.

Undertow: Adam Jones (album cover design), Zoo, Tool

Pork SodaPrimus

Honestly, several Primus album covers could have made this list, but the one that gets our pick is Pork Soda. The pig head sculpture is pretty goofy looking, but also a little gross and unnerving. Along with the bubbles next to the head, this cover emits a textural-like presence that’s quite eerie.

Pork Soda: Jay Blakesburg – front cover and background photography, Paul “Bosco” Haggard – cover layout, Lance “Link” Montoya – sculpture, Snap – airbrushing, Interscope, Prawn Song, Primus

No One Deserves HappinessThe Body

Speaking of eerie, have you seen the album cover art for The Body’s No One Deserves Happiness? While relatively simplistic looking, the facial design displayed on the cover exudes such an uncanny and weird energy.

No One Deserves Happiness: Sheila Sachs (layout), Thrill Jockey, The Body

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored WaterLimp Bizkit

This cover speaks for itself when it comes to bizarreness – you have little alien-looking dudes sitting in a pile of hot dogs and holding starfish. You try to wrap your head around this one.

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water: Wes Borland (cover art), Flip, Interscope, Limp Bizkit

Metal MagicPantera

Considering how the band’s albums from 1990 and onward feature more aggressive-looking album art, Metal Magic comes across as quite goofy in comparison. Metal Magic is a record Pantera created before Phil Anselmo joined the band and when they were more interested in creating glam metal.

Metal Magic: Danny Leatherman (Illustration [Front Illustration]), Metal Magic, Pantera


Creed’s Weathered is another album cover that has us scratching our heads big time. You have the faces of the band’s members on a tree and someone chiseling away at said tree. Honestly, this cover comes across like a surrealist nightmare.

Weathered: Daniel Tremonti (cover), Wind-up, Creed

Load & ReloadMetallica

Closing out our list, we are shouting out two album covers here, those being Metallica’s Load and Reload records. What makes these covers weird is what was used to create them; artist Andres Serrano could have just used paint for these covers, but he decided to go with some rather “interesting” ingredients instead. The visual for Load features cow’s blood mixed with semen, and the visual for Reload features urine and blood.

Load: Andres Serrano (artist), Elektra, Metallica
Reload: Andres Serrano (artist), Elektra, Metallica