WTF: Fashion Brand Selling a Nirvana T-Shirt For Over $4000

Yves Saint Laurent website
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With possibly the exception of, say, an extremely rare t-shirt coming from an artist’s personal collection, there’s no reason why a band tee should ever be priced at hundreds of dollars. And yet, the fashion brand known as Yves Saint Laurent isn’t just selling Nirvana t-shirts for hundreds, but they have t-shirts priced at over $1,000.

On Yves Saint Laurent’s website, you will find several listings for different Nirvana t-shirts. On the low end of what the brand is offering, you can purchase their “Nirvana Picture” tee for… $690. From there, the prices get even more insane.

Next up is their “Nirvana Muddy Banks,” “Nirvana Frame,” and “Nirvana Smiley” tees, respectively priced at $890, $940, and $990.

It’s now here where we get into the Nirvana t-shirts priced at over $1,000.

First up is the “Nirvana Live In New York” at $1,370; then there’s the “Nirvana T-Shirt” at $1,390. At $2,190 is Yves Saint Laurent’s “Nirvana Sliver T-Shirt,” then there’s the “Nirvana In Utero T-Shirt” at $2,690.

And to wrap up their t-shirt collection, there’s the holy grail of ridiculousness – the “Nirvana Insecticide” tee, priced at a whopping $4,450.

Now, you may be asking yourself as you read all these listings – “Well, for such an obscenely high price tag, there has to be something special about these tees. Perhaps they are extremely rare items?”

We cannot stress this enough, none of these designs are worth their respective price tags. There is nothing all that unique to these designs as compared to what you may find in a Hot Topic or Wal-Mart. The fact that Yves Saint Laurent is selling any of these shirts above a $20 price tag is ridiculous. You can check out Yves Saint Laurent’s collection of Nirvana tees for yourself by following this link here.

And also worth noting, the fashion brand is selling a cassette variant of Nirvana’s classic album Nevermind. For this item, they are asking for $3,200.