When The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Was in An Underappreciated, Classic Video Game

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Washington sludge band The Melvins‘ Buzz Osbourne is easily one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time.

But few guitarists can say they’ve been able to thwart off an army of energy drink-crazed zombies… in a video game, of course.

In Sunset Overdrive, players encounter King Buzzo at Club Fortississimo in the Downtown District. After assisting another character named 4Kim, the player recruits Buzzo to participate in the Sunset City Rockfest 2027, a concert for the children at the hospital.

Buzzo’s character agrees to join the concert and later performs alongside 4Kim and Wendy, showcasing the Melvins’ song “Rat Faced Granny” from their 2006 album, (A) Senile Animal. As the player defends against waves of enemies, Buzzo’s character declares his job done and makes a whimsical exit, reminiscent of Mary Poppins, flying off into the sky with a parasol.

Buzz Osborne’s appearance in Sunset Overdrive was a collaboration born out of the game’s creative director, Marcus Smith, who expressed his desire to work with The Melvins. The team was initially concerned that Buzzo might have ditched the project, as he briefly walked out after seeing the motion capture suit, but it turned out he was merely preparing himself for the performance. His commitment to the role showcases his dedication and enthusiasm for exploring new creative avenues beyond music.

Buzz Osborne’s cameo in Sunset Overdrive added an exciting and unexpected dimension to the game’s immersive world. Fans of The Melvins and newcomers alike appreciated the inclusion of a real-life rock legend, enhancing the game’s authenticity and music-driven atmosphere. Osborne’s involvement demonstrated the growing synergy between the music and gaming industries, offering an engaging crossover experience for players and fans of both mediums.

Buzz Osborne’s appearance in Sunset Overdrive as a playable character and performer during the Sunset City Rockfest added a unique and memorable element to the game. The inclusion of an iconic figure from the world of sludge metal delighted fans and showcased the collaboration between the gaming and music industries. King Buzzo’s cameo serves as a testament to the game’s commitment to delivering a vibrant and diverse experience for players, merging the realms of music and gaming in an unforgettable way.

Watch Buzz Osborne’s Appearance in Sunset Overdrive