Want to Own Part Of Led Zeppelin’s Catalog? One Owner Is Selling Her Share

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Legacy artists in music have been selling their catalogs for a minute now.

Some of the biggest sales in recent memory have included Queen selling off their catalog for a whopping $1.1 billion, Bruce Springsteen selling his catalog for $500 million and much more.

If you’ve ever wanted your share of owning a piece of Stairway to Heaven or one of Led Zeppelin‘s biggest hits, here’s your chance.

A 10% stake in Led Zeppelin’s catalog is up for sale courtesy of Helen Grant. She’s the daughter of longtime Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant who at one time held 20% of the band’s catalog. After his death, he gifted his shares to his two children, and now Helen is selling her part of the band’s catalog.

London-based New Media Law is the firm handling the sale, and representative Ian Penman confirmed the sale to Music Business Worldwide.

“Her father managed Led Zeppelin and owned 20% of the Zeppelin companies,” Penman told MBW. “So [the deal] is quite rare in that respect, because it includes trademarks. It includes the name. The name, Led Zeppelin, is owned by a company that Helen co-owns.”

Penman goes onto explain that Grant “considered selling the rights earlier this year,” and that she has been approached with “several offers and extreme interest from some of the biggest names in the business.”

Right now, the price of the band’s catalog is not public information, so it’s hard to say how much you’d have to pony up for that share of the catalog. You’d be in good company of catalog owners, as the major shareholder is Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, owning a whopping 80% of the band’s catalog. We’re glad the majority of the catalog is in the hands of one of its architects.

Can you put a price on 10% of Led Zeppelin’s catalog? Should bands keep selling their catalog? Let us know your thoughts.