The K-Pop Group That’s Secretly a Heavy Metal Band

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If you go digging through the world of K-Pop, you’re bound to found a variety of groups with wildly different songs, styles and music.

Beyond the mega-famous like Blackpink or BTS, there’s a lot of interesting and surprising things happening with the genre’s rising stars, including those who incorporate wildly different sounds into their work.

The K-Pop act Dreamcatcher, specifically brings a decidedly metal fare into their work, at numerous points getting surprisingly heavy for the genre. The group consists of seven members: JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. They made their official debut on January 13, 2017, with the single album “Nightmare.”

Their 2020 single “No More” opens with a really chunky metalcore riff, before the group’s vocals swirl into a haunting, and in-tune melody. The video for the track also paints a fitting picture of the song, creating a kind of built-in AMV for the riffage found within. After a ripping chorus, the song slows down for a rapped break, providing another rising action before getting back into things. The song even packs an extremely sweet guitar solo , something pretty unheard of for the genre.

Similarly, “Endless Night” provides a pretty metal canvas for the group to do there thing. Interestingly, both songs are in Japanese, weaving together English and Japanese lines with each track. Musically, it’s a track that wouldn’t sound alien in the context of Warped Tour, providing a really driving combination of pop sensibilities and heaviness.

Even when things aren’t ultraheavy, there’s a clear incorporation of rock into what they do. Recent single “BONVOYAGE” accents everything that happens throughout the song with guitars and hard-hitting drums.

Conceptually, it’s part of an Apocalypse trilogy of records; a metal enough name for a series of albums. Lyrically, they tackle the reality of coming apocalypse if global warming and environmental pollution continue. Sounds pretty punk, no? Hard to deny that Dreamcatcher is the heaviest k-pop group.

If you’re looking to see what happens when k-pop and metal merge, look no further than Dreamcatcher. Check out their music below.

Listen to Dreamcatcher’s “Endless Night” 

Listen to Dreamcatcher’s “No More”