The Guy That Knocked Danzig Out in One Punch Wrote a Book About It

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After one of Glenn Danzig‘s solo shows in the early 2000’s, one of the opening bands North Side Kings were none too pleased with having to go on after Danzig, which led to him and North Side Kings guitar player Danny Marianino getting into some fisticuffs backstage.

Marianino had said: “The show fell behind due to the promoter being disorganized. Glenn refused to push his time back and we, along with three other bands, were forced to play after him on the condition that he announced the other bands.

He didn’t announce the bands and closed the show, so we all got fucked over. I went to talk to him. He started yelling, so did I, then he put his hands on me. He pushed me into a wall and yelled “Fuck you motherfucker!” I defended myself.

Though Danzig maintains that he didn’t lay a finger on him, video evidence tells a bit of a different story, with Glenn asking the confrontational Marianino what else they could’ve done given the situation: “we went on exactly when we were supposed to… why couldn’t you go on after us?”

As words and tempers escalated, Danzig then shoves Marianino, who quickly retaliated with a knock out punch. 

Danzig has since commented on the incident, saying: “that was him [Marianino] trying to get me on camera punching him so he could sue me or some shit. I forget what it was. When everyone was breaking it up, he coldcocked me. What are you going to do?

Danzig went on to maintain that the whole was a coordinated, pre-mediated attack: “those were his [Danny’s] guys with the camera. No one knows that. Well, back then they did. It was a setup.”

Marianino went on to receive hundreds of online threats and pieces of hate mail from Danzig fans, which he (kind of hilariously) turned into a book. That book is now 10 years old and getting a bit of a facelift.

Per the press release:

YOUR SUMMER READING IS HERE! “Don’t Ever Punch a Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors,” Danny Marianino’s first book, is now back in print! DiWulf Publishing House celebrates this momentous occasion with the expanded, 10th anniversary edition of Danny’s riotously funny book. The aftermath of one fateful night in Tuba City might have broken most people, but not Danny. Instead, he turned hundreds of hateful emails and social media messages into comedy gold. In the 10 years since the book’s original release, Danny has collected an all-new batch of the dramatically misspelled and grammatically challenged missives that have flooded his inbox since his first round, one-punch KO. This revamped edition has a ton of new photos, new stories, new emails, a forward by Gloria Cavalera, and, of course, MORE HATE! Find out what life is like after you knock out punk rock’s favorite tough guy. In stock and shipping immediately!!!!!

You can grab a copy here if this sounds like your sort of thing.

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