The 10 Greatest Slayer Songs of All Time

Kerry King: Antje Naumann (AllSystemsRed), CC BY-SA 3.0,, Wikimedia Commons / Jeff Hanneman: Victoria Morse, CC BY-SA 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons / Dave Lombardo photo credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva / Tom Araya: Antje Naumann (AllSystemsRed), CC BY-SA 3.0,, (Wikimedia Commons)
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Over the course of their 38-year-long career, the Huntington Park, California band Slayer cemented themselves as one of the greatest thrash metal acts of all time.

During that time, the band released 12 studio albums, each providing a visceral presentation of unrelenting and thrilling thrash. While it’s a shame that the band has retired, the songs Slayer created will forever be celebrated as some of the greatest works of heavy metal ever made.

To celebrate the band’s work, we have put together a list highlighting the 10 greatest Slayer songs of all time.


When it comes to live heavy metal shows, “Disciple” may be the greatest intro song of all time. If you were lucky enough to see Slayer when they were active, experiencing them dropping the curtain and going right into “Disciple” is nothing short of fucking exhilarating.

“Raining Blood”

While the least surprising pick on this list, Slayer’s “Raining Blood” is not only an awesome song, it’s easily one of the greatest heavy metal songs ever made, period.

“War Ensemble”

Among the band’s fanbase, some consider “War Ensemble” to be a classic Slayer song. A track off of the band’s 1990 album Seasons in the Abyss, Slayer’s performance throughout “War Ensemble” is gripping from start to finish.

“World Painted Blood”

“World Painted Blood” is a pulse-pounding Slayer song that promises to get metalheads riled up. With one of the most electrifying rhythm sections the band has ever made, this 2009 gem is easily one of the band’s most exciting tracks.

“South of Heaven”

While Slayer has been known to create some really speedy songs, they’ve also made relatively slower and moodier bangers, like “South of Heaven.” An iconic Slayer staple ever since its release in 1988, “South of Heaven” is an eerily chilling and incredible Slayer cut.

“Mandatory Suicide”

“Mandatory Suicide” is yet another amazing Slayer song from South of Heaven. With a catchy rhythm, pouncing drum work, and unnerving lyrics, this track is one of the thrash metal act’s most iconic tunes.


As one of the last songs Slayer ever made, “Repentless” is a truly thrilling banger from start to finish. After nearly four decades of creating music, this tune brilliantly highlights the band’s ferocious and aggressive artistry.

“Jesus Saves”

While it is more of a deep cut, “Jesus Saves” is one of the most exhilarating cuts off of Slayer’s legendary album Reign In Blood. At just under three minutes, the song provides an epic, ominous buildup, and then goes full throttle into thrash mayhem.

“Blood Red”

Incorporating Slayer’s ability to create moody bangers and hard-hitting thrash tracks, “Blood Red” makes for a stellar blend of the band’s technical talents. Perfect to stand still and bang your head too, and heavy enough to stir up pits.

“Ghosts of War”

There are quite a few amazing songs on Slayer’s South of Heaven album, another one of those being “Ghosts of War.” Between the harsh tone of the instrumentation and the lightning-fast performances, “Ghosts of War” is a thrilling gem in Slayer’s catalog.