Slipknot’s New Member Has a Solid Nickname Thanks to Reddit

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The mysterious new member of the Des Moines, Iowa band Slipknot has been given a solid nickname thanks to Reddit.

A couple of weeks ago, Slipknot member Michael Pfaff (aka Tortilla Man) uploaded a since-deleted photo onto Instagram that caught the attention of fans. For a while, some folks have speculated that Slipknot’s new keyboardist is Zac Baird, and per a detail in this photo from Pfaff, some fans felt he had provided them with some evidence that validated this speculation.

For those who may not be familiar, Baird is a keyboardist who has worked with acts such as KornEvanescence, and Ghost in the past.

At the time of this writing, no official confirmation has come from the band regarding who this new member actually is. That said, regardless of his identity not being confirmed, Reddit decided that this member is in need of a nickname.

Per a post on r/Slipknot titled “The new guy needs a nickname,” the following is provided: “We called Michael ‘Tortilla Man’ until we learned who he was. We need to do same here.”

Within the comments, several users provide their suggestions for what this new member’s nickname should be.

But, among all the suggestions provided, there is one that has caught a lot of attention from users. Among the suggested nicknames, the one that has received the most upvotes on this particular Reddit post is: “Greg Bones.”

This nickname appears to be a play on “Craig Jones,” Slipknot’s longtime keyboardist who exited the band back in June. Some of the other nicknames that were mentioned are Greg, Hoodie Guy, Leather Man, Gimpy, New Guy, BDSM Man, Riddler, Hoodie, Ghoul, and Dr. Doom.

What do you think of the nickname Greg Bones? And do you believe that this new Slipknot member is Zac Baird? In other Slipknot-related news, bassist Alessandro Venturella recently shared that the band is still interested in making albums.