NFL’s Tristan Wirfs Stopped Listening to Heavy Metal Before Games Because it Made Him Want to ‘Rip Players’ Faces Off’

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Tristan Wirfs, the talented offensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has made an interesting change to his pre-game routine. Known for his powerful and aggressive playing style on the football field, Wirfs recently revealed that he has stopped listening to heavy metal music before games. This surprising decision has sparked curiosity among fans and raised questions about the impact of music on an athlete’s performance.

For years, Wirfs had been known to blast heavy metal tunes in his headphones as a way to get hyped up and mentally prepare himself for the physicality of the game. The thundering guitars and aggressive lyrics seemed to fuel his intensity, giving him the edge he needed to dominate on the field. However, Wirfs recently shared in an interview that he has switched up his pre-game playlist.

In an interview with the VikesVerified podcast, Wirfs was asked about his mindset going into a game between him during his rookie year playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he said he got into the right space through listening to metal, saying (transcribed by The Pit):

“Going into that, that was the most juiced I’ve been. Now I have to go into games real calm, real collected. But I would listen to like, rip your face off heavy metal music before that game. And it was like I was way too juiced up, I just gotta calm down for sure. ”

According to Wirfs, he has replaced heavy metal with more mellow and calming music. He now prefers to listen to instrumental tracks and soothing melodies to help him find a sense of focus and tranquility before taking the field. This unexpected shift has surprised many fans who associate heavy metal with the fierce and energetic nature of football.

Wirfs explained that the change was influenced by his desire to maintain a balanced mental state. He realized that the aggressive energy of heavy metal, while effective in some cases, sometimes left him feeling too amped up and prone to making mistakes due to overexcitement. By embracing a more calming musical atmosphere, Wirfs believes he can approach the game with a clearer mind and make more calculated decisions on the field.

It remains to be seen how this change will affect Wirfs’ performance on the football field. Some fans speculate that the absence of heavy metal may impact his aggressive playing style, while others believe that the newfound calmness could enhance his focus and decision-making abilities.

Regardless of the outcome, Tristan Wirfs’ decision to forgo heavy metal before games highlights the importance of personal rituals and routines in athletes’ lives. Each player has unique preferences and strategies to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenges they face on the field. Whether it’s heavy metal or calming melodies, the ultimate goal is to find a state of mind that optimizes performance and contributes to success on the gridiron.