Machine Gun Kelly Starts Fight At County Fair

Frank Schwichtenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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In this edition of the never-ending soap opera that is the relationship between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, an altercation broke out at the Orange County Fair on Thursday between the white rapper turned pop punker dipshit and two random attendees; with Fox inadvertently becoming caught in the confrontation.

According to TMZ and footage of the incident posted to TikTok, Fox was slammed against a barricade as a security guard intervened between MGK and a fairgoer who was standing nearby as the couple was exiting a ride.

In one video, the 33 year old Machine Gun Kelly is seen falling back as his bodyguard stepped in at the event in Costa Mesa, California. It appears that Megan Fox, 37, was shoved aside by security during the dust-up and pulled away by MGK (real name Colson Baker), as the bodyguard continued to go after the fairgoer. The Jennifer’s Body actor can be seen adjusting her clothing after the scuffle and walking away with her jerkoff boyfriend.

Another video shot from a different angle showed MGK approaching two men behind the barricade and throwing the first punch. One of the men is hit in the face before the other swings back in retaliation.

No incidents were reported to fair officials, with a spokesperson saying in a statement: “There were no reports made to OC Fair security about the incident. Security at the OC Fair is provided to all our guests for their safety and enjoyment.” According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, it’s unclear if an investigation will be opened unless a victim files assault and battery charges.

Although their engagement appeared to be on the rocks for a while, MGK and Fox have been spotted together a number of times since the Billboard Music Awards this past May. The couple have not commented on this most recent incident. To this day, nobody knows why arguably the most beautiful woman in the world continues to date that fucking guy.