Johnny Depp Found Unconscious in Hotel Room, Hollywood Vampires Cancel Show

Johnny Depp: Harald Krichel, CC BY-SA 3.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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A recent Hollywood Vampires show in Budapest was canceled following guitarist and actor Johnny Depp being found unconscious in a hotel room.

As reported by Daily News Hungary, via Yahoo!, this show was meant to take place on July 18th and was canceled last minute due to Depp’s condition.

Upon being checked out by medics, Depp was deemed unable to perform, hence the band making the call to cancel their Budapest show. Regarding this cancellation, Hollywood Vampires shared the following statement:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight’s show in Budapest. All tickets (General and VIP, including Meet & Greet) will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all of the fans who traveled from near and far to see us rise, and we’re truly sorry. Sincere apologies”

Per a source who was reportedly at the arena where Hollywood Vampires were meant to play, they share (via the Hungarian newspaper Blikk): “Everything was prepared, the stage was set, the background crew was also ready for the party. It didn’t even occur to me that there could be a problem, especially since the band members also did the sound setup scheduled for the afternoon. Nobody even thought about the fact that Johnny Depp didn’t take part, a colleague also set up his microphone, but this is not unusual for such stars.”

This source goes on to share: “We heard so much that Depp partied too much, he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard that, sure enough, a doctor was called in to see if there was anything more wrong than simply pushing rock stardom too far.”

In regard to this rumor of the actor partying too hard, a photo was uploaded to Twitter that shows Depp allegedly drinking an hour before the band’s Budapest concert. Per the user who shared this photo, they write:

“Here’s Johnny Depp drinking an hour before cancelling his concert due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. He likely passed out again”

In a follow-up tweet, the user adds: “before they come for me, it was confirmed by the photographer. they claim he ‘fell ill at the hotel’ even though he was drinking right before the alleged illness”

Besides the one statement the band provided on social media, they have shared no other details as to why the show was canceled. Hollywood Vampires was formed in 2012, and at the time of this writing, has released two studio albums.