Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Calls Out Dave Mustaine Over Diss About Former Band Members

Dave Mustaine Photo by Aldara Zarraoa/Getty Images / Jeff Young Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images
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Last month, Dave Mustaine, of the Los Angeles, California thrash metal act Megadeth, made the very bold claim that, among the band’s former members, Marty Friedmanseems to be the only one that’s ever amounted to anything.”

It’s fair to assume that this diss would not sit well with those other former members of the band, and among those to first publicly respond to what Mustaine has said is former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young. While talking with Disturbing The Priest recently, Young clapped back at Mustaine over this recent diss, calling the Megadeth frontman a “douchebag.”

Regarding Mustaine’s jab toward the other former members of Megadeth, Young starts off by saying (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “I’m just, like, what about that little Number One Brazilian world music album I did over here, douchebag?”

Further speaking about his issues with Mustaine, Young goes on to add:

“It just promotes… And that’s [Mustaine’s] whole mission — just to promote disinformation, and disinfo and lie. And the funny thing is he aims that song ‘Liar’ [from Megadeth’s 1988 album ‘So Far, So Good… So What!’, supposedly written about former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland] at other people, and he needs to look in the mirror, man. Because the stuff you say and the songs you write you’re writing about yourself.”

What do you think of Mustaine’s comment about the other former members of the band? Are you currently listening to any of the projects that have been started by ex-Megadeth members?

Earlier this year, Young took part in a different interview where he called Dave Mustaine a “pathological liar.” The former Megadeth guitarist also commented on Mustaine’s ability to play guitar, saying, “He can barely play and sing the stuff that they’re doing, the same ten songs every night.”

Below you can check out the entirety of Jeff Young’s recent interview with Disturbing The Priest.

Jeff Young interview