Hardcore Vocalist Breaks Arm Midshow, Finishes Set Anyways

Incendiary: Press
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Hardcore is a full-contact sport.

Few go as hard as Long Island hardcore band Incendiary, and this past Saturday they proved why they’re one of the best bands going.

During a fateful night while performing at venue 1720 in Los Angeles, frontman Brendan Garrone faced a setback that would have deterred most performers – he fractured his arm. However, true to the hardcore spirit, he refused to allow the injury to conquer him, courageously continuing the set and delivering an unforgettable performance.

This incident transpired during the fourth song of the set. Garrone expressed his frustration and gratitude to the fans in a now-deleted tweet, saying “LA, last night I broke my arm during our 4th song. Thanks to everyone for still going off but also respecting my space so we could finish the set. Extremely frustrating situation but we are grateful for you all.”

Though limited, footage from the set paints a powerful image of Garrone’s resilience. In subsequent clips, he can be observed cradling his arm close to his torso, a clear indication of the toll the injury had taken [[1]]. Despite the absence of official footage at the band’s request, the impact of the performance and the band’s unwavering dedication resonated with the audience, becoming a testament to the title of their album, “Change the Way You Think About Pain”.

Incendiary, renowned for their dynamic and thought-provoking hardcore sound, exemplified the ethos of their music that night. The band’s ability to channel pain into strength and determination was showcased not only through their lyrics but also through their actions on stage. Garrone’s willingness to push through his injury, delivering a high-energy performance, left fans in awe of his devotion and the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft.

This incident stands as a testament to Brendan Garrone’s indomitable spirit and the collective resilience of Incendiary. Their music not only ignites mosh pits and raw energy but also embodies the transformative power of pain. As fans bear witness to the band’s capacity to turn adversity into triumph, their latest album, Change the Way You Think About Pain, takes on a deeper significance.

While the hardcore community rallies behind Brendan Garrone’s swift recovery, his determination to complete the set despite a broken arm will forever be etched in the annals of hardcore history. It serves as a reminder that genuine passion knows no bounds, and when music courses through one’s veins, nothing can obstruct the delivery of an unforgettable performance.

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