Why Black Sabbath Declined a Reunion Show at This Year’s ‘Power Trip’ Fest

Black Sabbath: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain (18 July 1970 issue of Billboard)
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Tony Iommi recently confirmed that Black Sabbath was approached to play this year’s Power Trip festival, but the band turned down the offer.

For context, Power Trip is a new heavy metal festival taking place this October over the course of three days. The acts taking part in this fest are MetallicaIron MaidenAC/DCTool, Guns N’ Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne.

While being interviewed on Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Iommi was asked if it’s true that Sabbath was approached to play this new festival. Iommi says yes, but also shares why the band decided to say no to the offer. Per Iommi (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Yes, there was. But I didn’t, at that point… It’s hard, because Ozzy’s [Osbourne, Sabbath singer] been going through a lot of stuff lately. He’s in hospital and out of hospital, and he’s really been fighting it; he really wants to get out there. But in my mind, it’s very difficult to sort of say yes. I’ve gotta think of the people in the band as well. I’ve gotta think of Ozzy, if he’s gonna be all right to do a show and whatever. So I wasn’t that comfortable with it. But I didn’t know Ozzy [chuckles] would be doing it on his own. But it’s great. I hope he can do it and that it’ll be really good. He really wants to do it. And he’s really trying to pull to get himself back. He’s had to go through such a lot of hard stuff lately. It’s such a shame, really. But he’s still fighting there.”

Iommi is then asked to confirm if the original Black Sabbath lineup was asked to take part in the Power Trip fest; alongside Iommi and Osbourne, the original Black Sabbath lineup includes Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

Per the Sabbath guitarist, here is what he had to say in response:

“Yeah. Sort of, yeah. I mean, we hadn’t approached the others as far as doing it. They might have said no. But it didn’t get much further than me, really. But, yeah, that’s the way it is.”

He goes on to add: “If you’re gonna go out, I want to do a good show. I want to go out on the top and do it. I don’t wanna just go and slap something together. And I’m not saying it would have been, but it could have been difficult.”

Damn, it would have been amazing to see the original Black Sabbath lineup come together and perform live again after all these years. But if Iommi and the band are being approached with such opportunities, maybe there’s a chance we could still get a Black Sabbath reunion at some point. Fingers crossed!