Watch: Here’s Dave Mustaine Losing His Sh** on People for 4 Minutes Straight. You’re Welcome.

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Along with being an absurdly talented guitar player, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has also cemented himself as one of heavy metal’s biggest grumps.

Throughout the years, Mustaine has lost his shit several times and lashed out at people with harsh words. Take last year for example, in the midst of a Megadeth performance, Mustaine flipped out on a Judas Priest crew member, calling them a “Fucking cunt.”

While a lot of these past instances are quite cringy, one can’t help but also acknowledge how hilarious many of them are.

Over on YouTube, user “Lol” has compiled a brilliant compilation featuring several of the Megadeth frontman’s meltdowns over the years.

Among the flip-outs the video features, there is that moment involving Mustaine getting pissed off at the Judas Priest crew member, him calling out a fan pointing a laser at him, him pushing an interviewer away, and multiple instances of him calling out fans during live shows.

This compilation is roughly four minutes long and his hilarious as hell all the way through.

If you are in need of a good laugh then absolutely check this out. Whether it is something you have read about or seen in person, what is a Dave Mustaine freak-out that lives rent-free in your mind?

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Losing His Shit on People for 4 Minutes Straight

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