Watch: Empire State Bastard Release Crushing New Banger ‘Stutter,’ Announce Debut Album

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Extreme metal band Empire State Bastard, featuring former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, has not only shared a new song, but they have also announced their debut album.

Empire State Bastard was founded by Simon Neil (of Biffy Clyro) and Mike Vennart (Biffy Clyro live guitarist and solo artist, ex-Oceansize); Lombardo will be taking part in the band’s live performances alongside bassist Naomi Macleod (of Bitch Falcon).

Back in March, the band released a song titled “Harvest,” and more recently, they have put out a new track titled “Stutter.”

Alongside the release of this new tune, the band has also announced that their debut album, titled Rivers of Heresy, will be out on September 1st.

In regard to the upcoming album, Vennart shares the following:

“I set about making the most fucking poisonous vile music I possibly could, just unabridged hatred in musical form.”

Neil goes on to add “Lyrically, it’s as misanthropic and nihilistic as I’ve ever written.”

Below you can check out the music video for the band’s new song “Stutter.” If you are interested in pre-ordering Rivers of Heresy, you can do so by following this link here. Also below you will find the tracklist associated with the record.

In other news related to Empire State Bastard, the band will be making their New York City live debut on September 20th supporting the sludge noise band Chat Pile. If you are looking to pick up tickets for that show, you can do so by following this link here. The band will also be taking part in this year’s Riot Fest. At the time of this writing, it is not confirmed what day of the music festival they will play, but you can view the full 2023 Riot Fest lineup for yourself by following the link below the music video.

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Rivers of Heresy tracklist:

  • 1.      Harvest
  • 2.      Blusher
  • 3.      Moi?
  • 4.      Tired, Aye?
  • 5.      Sons and Daughters
  • 6.      Stutter
  • 7.      Palms of Hands
  • 8.      Dusty
  • 9.      Sold!
  • 10.  The Looming