Watch: Code Orange Drop Heaviest Songs in Years ‘Grooming My Replacement’ + ‘The Game’

Photo: Tim Saccenti
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The other day, Code Orange released a creepy snuff-like teaser that ultimately revealed a brand-new song from the band.

At the time of this song’s debut, Code Orange did not provide an official title for the track; however, upon listening to the lyrics, one could surmise that the song is titled “Grooming My Replacement” (this is one of two songs the band mentioned at the end of the video, saying the tracks would make their official debut on June 1st).

And here we are, for as of today, “Grooming My Replacement” and Code Orange’s other new song, “The Game,” have made their official debut.

Both tracks are utterly crushing, each a blistering display of ferocious-sounding metalcore.

With the release of “Grooming My Replacement” and “The Game,” could an album announcement be on the way soon? Only time will tell.

It has been three years since the Pittsburgh band released their fourth studio album, 2020’s Underneath.

Below you can check out the music videos for both of these new Code Orange songs.

And speaking of Code Orange, we recently highlighted Underneath on our recent “10 Greatest Metalcore Albums of All Time” feature. Below you can read what we have to say about the record, and if you are curious to know what other metalcore albums made the list, follow the link underneath the music videos.

“Underneath represents a fascinating step forward for what metalcore can do. It has never been a rare thing for metalcore bands to experiment with other genres of music, but throughout Underneath, Code Orange weaves in a plethora of styles (from EDM, industrial, and even grunge). Thanks to their talented artistry and tight chemistry as a band, Code Orange takes all these sounds and offers a dazzling display of aggressive and captivating musical variety, showing off how much more metalcore can grow.”

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