Tool Fans Rage Over Obscene Ticket Prices, Blame Ticketmaster and Band

Photo credit: Travis Shinn
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Tool will be hitting the road this fall for a North American tour, and with tickets being on sale to the public now, some fans are not happy with what Ticketmaster is charging for seats. But the blame does not stop at Ticketmaster, for some fans are also pointing the finger at Tool and blaming them for the obscene ticket prices.

Per a post that has been uploaded on Reddit (as shared by Ultimate Guitar), a fan shared a screenshot of a $600 seat associated with an upcoming Tool concert.

The title of this post provided by the fan reads as follows: “Wow, Ticketmaster is a rip off. We need musical acts to stand up to this kinda gouging”. You can find the photo associated with this post below.

In the comments of this post, while many users express anger toward Ticketmaster, there are also several individuals who point the finger at Tool for such ticket prices. A point that is repeated throughout the comment thread is how Robert Smith of The Cure was able to convince Ticketmaster to partially “refund fans” for ticket fees and how he fought to have the band’s ticket prices for their tour relatively affordable.

Among the comments noting Smith’s efforts, several users in this thread voice how they believe Tool could do something about such high ticket prices. Per one user, they write, “Spoiler: the artists are complicit” in regard to the pricing of tickets on Ticketmaster.

Another says, “Who you think is agreeing to those ticket prices ? It’s been well documented at this point that Robert Smith of the Cure forced TM’s hand to drop the prices. It’s a lack of care for the fan base that allows these tickets to go to that price. It’s on the band. They don’t value their fan base and are happy to keep ripping them off.”

Per another, “This is Tool not Ticketmaster lol. They are the ones that choose to sell platinum seats.”

And another, “Fyi, the artist has control over this. They can tell ticketmaster to not allow platinum pricing. So tell the band to say no and things can get better. Thats where it starts. Dont blame ticketmaster for an artists request.”

And there are even more comments that express similar sentiments. Where do you stand on an issue like this? Do you believe that Tool could be doing something to help reduce the pricing of seats? Even if ticket prices are quite high, do you intend on seeing Tool when they hit the road for their North American tour this fall?