This Pub Horribly Tributes Ozzy, Doesn’t Know What He Did in Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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A British pub recently put together a tribute to Black Sabbath member and heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne that is laughably goofy.

As reported by Guitar World, a British pub known as Wetherspoons recently put up a stand featuring the legendary metal vocalist with the following text provided:

“1968 Ozzy Osbourne helps to form the band Black Sabbath in Birmingham”

While a tribute to Osbourne is great and all, the quality of this stand is really lackluster.

The photo of Osbourne used for this stand comes from an iconic black and white photo featuring Osbourne and his late guitarist Randy Rhoads performing side by side.

When it comes to the problems associated with this stand, one glaring matter is highlighting Osbourne as a guitarist – which he isn’t. It is odd as hell to choose this photo of Osbourne with a guitar, given how well-known he is as a vocalist.

Along with this weird choice, what is also shocking about the stand is the incredibly rough quality of the image that is used. Not only is Osbourne’s appearance blurry but he is also warped by the Photoshop efforts to remove the parts of Rhoads’ body that appear close to him in the photo.

You can find a photo of this bizarre tribute to Ozzy Osbourne below. Considering the rough quality of this stand and choosing to highlight Osbourne as a guitarist, it is wild how this tribute got the green light to be shared in public.

photo credit: Dominik Spitzer

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