The Worst Show on TV Just Featured One of Heavy Metal’s Greatest Songs

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By now, you’ve probably heard about HBO’s The Idol.

On paper, it’s an attempt to pull back the curtain on the evils of the music industry, and how vulnerable young stars are to the horrors within the label system. With showrunner Sam Levinson (Euphoria at the helm, it seemed like there was a pretty good chance for the program to be decent.

However, after a much-written about messy production space, the end result is a garish, oversexualized and awful program where The Weeknd spends an hour each week being a horrible actor and Lily Rose-Depp gets objectified.

It’s truly trash TV, and each episode seems to get worse. This week, however, there was a strange moment in the show where a very familiar heavy metal track played in the background of a party scene.

After Lily Rose-Depp’s character Jocelyn makes a tearful confession regarding her mom, The Weeknd’s character Tedros decides it’s time to celebrate with a huge party. The show then shifts to a night time pool party, and Deftones‘ classic “My Own Summer (Shove It)” plays while friends of the celebs frolic around.

Things aren’t all good, as Tedros’ cult-leader character decides to throw his weight around and mess with Jocelyn’s assistant Leia (played by Rachel Sennott).

Leia is spending the party making sure the house and furniture stays safe, and this pisses off Tedros, who wants total control of everyone there. He confronts her, asking what her problem is, and then decides to spray her in the face with a Super Soaker filled with Tequila, humiliating her in front of everybody at the party.

It’s pretty brutal, though we did chuckle a bit as Tedros comically holstered his gun in sync with the ending of the song. Following the Marc Jacobs collab, it’s another notch in Deftones’ Zoomer-relevance. While we think the show is easily one of the worst things to come on tv in a long time, if someone gets into the band this way, all the better.

Watch Deftones’ “My Own Summer (Shove It)” in HBO’s The Idol 

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