Watch: Tenacious D Strip Down For Hilarious, Somber Cover of ‘Wicked Game’

Wicked Game: via Tenacious D, YouTube
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Toward the end of last year, Tenacious D performed a moving cover of the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game,” which came as quite a surprise given how much Jack Black and Kyle Gass love to be goofballs when it comes to their music.

Now several months later, this lovely and somber-sounding cover from Tenacious D has been officially released for fans to stream.

But that is not the only treat the band has to offer fans, for alongside the song’s release, Tenacious D have shared a music video associated with their “Wicked Game” cover that is nothing short of tonal whiplash.

Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” as well as the covers of the song performed by Tenacious D, Stone Sour, and HIM all come across deeply emotional; there is a great air of melancholy coming through each of the respective performances, with each act providing their own heartfelt touch. This is not the kind of track you would necessarily throw on at a party or has a “fun vibe.”

So with that in mind, it would be tonally jarring to hear such a sad song being played over happy footage of two dudes who are almost totally stripped down, laughing with each other as they run across a beach shoreline.

And yet, in their music video for “Wicked Game,” this is exactly the type of experience Black and Gass provide, and it is quite trippy.

It frankly is a lot to process, given the jarring tonal differences, but it is also an incredible experience to witness.

You can check out the Tenacious D music video for “Wicked Game” below. Perhaps we should have seen this coming, for Black and Gass love to be goofy with most of all their music.

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