Study: These Bands Have the Angriest and Saddest Fanbases Across All of Music

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There is no singular emotion that comes with listening to heavy music. One may listen to a hard rock song and feel super angry, whereas a brutal death metal song may chill you out. Everyone’s emotional reaction to a band’s music is going to be far different than the next.

But taking patterns and trends into account, what bands stir up the most sadness in their fans? Well, thanks to the folks at Preply, we now have such data.

Per data they have shared involving a study of theirs, Preply analyzed thousands of social media posts and comments, as well as researched various Reddit communities, and compiled data to find out how a band/artist’s music makes their fan base feel. They specifically used a dataset called “Emotion” which flags emotive words and phrases.

Through their research, Preply discovered that the artist “Most likely to make their fans feel happy” is Ed Sheeran; through analyzing posts about Sheeran, Preply was able to find out that his fans respond positively to his music. But of course, we’re more interested in finding out how people respond to metal and rock bands.

Per Preply’s research, they actually didn’t note any metal bands under their category of “Most likely to make their fans feel happy.” However, under “Least likely to make their fans feel happy,” Metallica came in sixth place, and Nirvana took ninth. We could understand Nirvana being on there, Kurt Cobain did write a lot of melancholic stuff. But for Metallica to be ranked roughly halfway on the list? That’s interesting. That said, the artist “least likely” to make their fans happy is rapper Cardi B.

Next up is “Most likely to make their fans [feel] sadness.” Funny enough, both Metallica and Nirvana are tied in third place, but beating them out in second is Linkin Park. If you are a fan of either of these bands or all three, do you feel that listening to their music puts you in a sad mood? Beating out all three bands when it comes to dealing out sad vibes though is Panic! at the Disco. And for additional context, no metal or rock bands were mentioned regarding being “least likely” to make their fans sad; the artist least likely to make their fans sad though is pop star Dua Lipa.

The next category involves anger, specifically, “Most likely to make their fans feel angry.” Tying in sixth place are Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. Really? Guns N’ Roses makes people angry? Who would have thought? That said, no one makes their fans angrier than Cardi B. On the flip side, the only two rock acts mentioned that are “least likely” to make their fans angry are U2 (fifth place) and Bruce Springsteen (tenth). But beating out U2 and Springsteen for happiness, when it comes to first place, is pop star Ariana Grande.

Last up is “Least likely to make their fans feel love,” and spoilers, apparently no metal/rock bands make their fans feel love (per Preply’s data). That said, the act most likely to make their fan base feel love is Demi Lovato. But when it comes to “least likely to make their fans feel love,” ranked in eighth place is Tool. This is actually quite ironic given how some Tool fans have recently complained about the band over on Reddit in regard to obscene ticket prices. That said, Tool fans aren’t apparently as bummed out as Drake fans.

But that’s the entire breakdown regarding the metal and rock acts mentioned in Preply’s research. If you are a fan of any of these bands, do you agree with this data? When you listen to Tool’s music, do you not feel “love”? When you listen to Metallica, do you feel “sad” or “angry”?