Serj Tankian Says This Is The Quintessential Metal Album of All-Time

Serj Tankian Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage (via Getty Images)
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Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to what they believe is the quintessential metal album of all time, including System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian.

Back in 2020, as part of a special feature with Metal Hammer, the vocalist was asked to talk about 10 albums that have changed his life. Tankian brings up a plethora of interesting records, but at one point during this feature, he names the metal album he would share with someone to introduce them to what heavy metal is.

As an introduction to this particular shout-out, Metal Hammer provides the following lead: “A kid asks me what metal is. I hand them a copy of…”.

When it comes to the album the System of a Down frontman believes is the best representation of “what metal is,” Tankian chooses the 1986 Slayer album Reign In Blood. Speaking about this record and why he believes it’s the ideal album to introduce someone to what metal is, he shares the following:

“I’d go with Slayer – Reign In Blood most likely, because I think the historical significance of Slayer as a band is very interesting. They opened up a lot for death and black metal.”

Reign In Blood is not only one of the greatest thrash metal albums ever made, but it is also one of the greatest works of heavy metal period.

What do you think of Serj Tankian picking Slayer’s Reign In Blood as his quintessential album to show someone if they want to learn what metal is?

If you don’t happen to agree with his choice, what metal record would you pick to show someone new to the genre?

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