Ronnie Radke Defends Metallica From Fans Claiming Bring Me the Horizon Outperformed Them at Download

James Hetfield Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for P+ and MTV / Ronnie Radke Photo by Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic (via Getty Images) / Oli Sykes Photo by Mariano Regidor/Redferns (via Getty Images)
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Apparently Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has no tolerance for any Metallica slander. This past weekend, both Metallica and Bring Me the Horizon headlined the heavy metal festival known as Download, and per some Twitter users, Bring Me the Horizon’s set was not only impressive, but they supposedly blew Metallica out of the water.

Writing about how they feel BMTH outperformed Metallica, one user wrote the following: “want to send my condolences to Metallica, sucks having to follow up Bring Me The Horizon’s headling set from yesterday. best of luck y’all”

This particular tweet caught the attention of the Falling In Reverse frontman, who ended up retweeting the user and writing back some harsh words, saying, “kindly shut the fuck up with the Metallica slander.”

However, that person who claims BMTH outperformed Metallica is not alone when it comes to that sentiment. One individual replied to Radke’s retweet writing “Nah he right tho” in support of the person who said it “sucks” for Metallica to follow up BMTH.

Seeing this, Radke wrote back to this person and in an effort to defend Metallica wrote, “Not even fucking close.”

But alongside these two users was yet another person who chimed in and spoke to how large of a band Bring Me the Horizon has become, saying they are “rivaling” Metallica. Per that user, they said: “I’m sorry but if we still can’t admit Bring isn’t rivaling Metallica then we are just lying to ourselves.”

Radke wrote back mentioning how Metallica headlined two nights at Download, and Bring Me The Horizon “isn’t even close.”

Per Radke: “Sir Metallica just played 2 nights sold out at so fi stadium 140,000 tickets sold. bring me isn’t even CLOSE. To that. Have some respect thank you”

What do you make of people claiming that Bring Me the Horizon may be as big as Metallica, if not bigger? BMTH frontman Oli Sykes recently talked about how he feels about the band being considered a “headline band.”