Watch: Film YouTubers Red Letter Media Roast Metal Band Names For Half an Hour

Via Red Letter Media
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Spend any time cruising YouTube, and at some point, it’s likely you’ve encountered the wonderfully hilarious content from Red Letter Media.

The Milwaukee-based crew has been producing videos online for over a decade, spanning everything from contemporary movie reviews to dredging up and analyzing b-movie fare. The group’s honesty and approachable humor have made them a YouTube channel actually worth subscribing to, which is a rarity in the landscape of staged pranks and makeup artist drama on the platform.

Their focus is squarely in the worlds of film, television and sci-fi, but yesterday they uploaded a video titled ‘Our Least Viewed Episode Ever Part 2’ where members Mike Stoklasa and Rich Evans go through the lineup of the recent Milwaukee Metal Fest, to read out how ridiculous some of the band names are to those unfamiliar with the genre.

“Dying Fetus. That’s my mom’s favorite band,” Stoklasa jokes. For nearly half an hour, the duo speculate and try to understand the meanings behind certain band names including Goatwhore, Crowbar, Dead By Wednesday and more.

As long as you’ve got a thick skin and realize it’s all in good fun, it’s a pretty funny video (including where both hosts seem to not understand what Immolation is). Hopefully, the bands who wind up watching this video take it in the right spirit, and maybe rip some of the audio to use as a live intro or interlude on an album.

We would like to note however, as innocent or ignorant as Mike Stoklasa purports to be towards heavy metal, he did in fact direct a couple of videos for the poorly named Arizona-based metalcore band Greeley Estates. Sadly, he scrubbed his personal YouTube channel of footage, but you can watch that video here. You can also see a Greeley Estates postcard in a lot of old Half in the Bag episodes. So clearly, he’s at least a little aware of what’s going on.

For the rest of their content, it’s hard to go wrong with the Phantom Menace Plinkett reviews or one of the many Best of the Worst episodes.

Check out the video below.