Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos Says He Wants To Collaborate With Sleep Token

Will Ramos: User:Dennis Radaelli, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons / Vessel Photo credit: Adamross Williams
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Lorna Shore frontman Will Ramos is easily one of the most impressive metal singers working today. The band’s 2021 single “To the Hellfire” experienced absurd viral success upon its release, with folks in and outside the metal community expressing how in awe they were of Ramos’ vocals.

In the band’s latest studio album Pain Remains, Ramos continues to show off his vocal talents, displaying the incredible range he can provide with his voice. With such an amazing gift, it would be fascinating to hear what else he could do while working alongside other musicians.

Well, funny enough, the Lorna Shore singer recently talked about a few bands he would love to collaborate with.

During a fan Q&A hosted by Metal Hammer, Ramos was asked which bands he would like to collab with in the future. In his response to this question, he shouts out an iconic melodic death metal band, some amazing deathcore bands, and the immensely popular Sleep Token. Per Ramos:

“I’d love to collaborate with Sleep Token. They’re my favourite freaking band right now. They are so incredibly good; Vessel and I have very similar singing ranges, too. Also, I Declare War, because they’re just so incredibly heavy… In Flames… and I love Oceano – their vocalist Adam Warren is so good.”

Bringing up Sleep Token catches the attention of Metal Hammer, and following up on Ramos’ response, they ask the singer what he thinks a Lorna Shore x Sleep Token collab would sound like. Ramos says:

“It’d be insane. I don’t know if our fans would love it, but I would. Let’s go!”

Frankly, we’d love to hear Ramos team up with Sleep Token. Who are some other bands you think the Lorna Shore singer should try to collaborate with?

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