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Following the release of a new song the band shared the other day, Slipknot has also dropped a brand new EP. Wildly enough, in all the years that the band has been around, this is actually the first EP they have ever released.

Yesterday the band put out an instrumental track titled “Death March”; the song itself features a chilling and unnerving ambient atmosphere, and the music video accompanying it also provides a good deal of creepy imagery.

But “Death March” is not all the band has to offer fans, for the track is part of a brand new Slipknot EP titled Adderall.

The title of this EP is a reference to the opening song on the band’s latest studio album, The End, So Far.

This roughly 20-minute EP features six tracks in total. Minus two songs that feature Corey Taylor‘s vocals, the majority of these songs are all instrumental tracks. The tracklist associated with the Adderall EP is as follows:

  • 1. “Death March”
  • 2. “Adderall (No Intro)”
  • 3. “Adderall (Rough Demo)”
  • 4. “Red or Redder”
  • 5. “Adderall (Instrumental)”
  • 6. “Hard to Be Here”

Between parting ways with longtime member Craig Jones, debuting a mysterious new member of the band, and now dropping a surprise EP on folks – it is a hell of a time to be a Slipknot fan. Could there be more surprises to come? Below you can listen to the brand new Slipknot EP Adderall. Also below you can watch the music video for “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo).” Accompanying the music video, Shawn “Clown” Crahan has provided the following message:

“Deconstructing to continuously pave the way for evolution. At this point in the program nothing is safe.”

In other Slipknot-related news, during a recent festival performance, the band’s mysterious new member made their live debut, and the band performed some deep cuts from their catalog. Slipknot played two deep cuts from their 1999 studio album debut, as well as one track from 2004’s Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). To find out what those songs are, follow this link here.

Slipknot Adderall EP


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