How Opportunistic Scam Artists Tried To Defraud Ozzy Fans

Morten Skovgaard, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Given his revered status among faithful fans, it’s not surprising that Ozzy Osbourne’s Aston, Birmingham, UK childhood home has become an important destination for headbanging pilgrims.

The notoriety of the house has drawn mixed reactions from its occupying tenants over the years, from general annoyance to exploitative opportunism.

In 2005, resident Ali Mubarrat told the BBC that frequent foot traffic and graffiti had pushed his family to consider getting rid of their front door, saying: “I need to change it on the wife’s orders. But I don’t know what to do with it.

“Maybe someone who is a great fan, I could pass it on to them, or I might put it on eBay and auction it and give the money to charity.” 

When word of the proposed auction reached the Prince of Darkness, he immediately tagged Mubarrat as a fraudster, telling Blabbermouth: “This guy is talking about selling my old front door on eBay. But it’s not the Ozzy Osbourne front door. It’s been replaced. We weren’t posh enough to have glass on our door.”

Although it is unclear whether or not Mubarrant went through with the auction, Ozzy had words more recently about another sketchy cash-grab scheme that used his old house as bait.

Speaking to GQ in 2020, the legendary frontman accused those who were currently residing at 14 Lodge Road of renting out his childhood room at an exorbitant rate, saying: “He charges £400 a night. The fucking house weren’t worth £300! They must be doing an expensive extension on the bathroom.”

He lamented, “I tell you what was really weird: I went back to that house many years after I left. When you’re little everything seems massive. But that house was me, my mum and dad and my five sisters and brothers – eight of us in this house. It’s so tiny, I’m going, ‘How the hell did we do this?’”