John Carpenter Says He Directed An Upcoming TV Show + Teases Potential ‘Thing 2’ Release

John Carpenter: Nathan Hartley Maas, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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During a Q&A panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend, horror icon John Carpenter not only revealed that he has directed a TV show, but he even teased the potential release of Thing 2.

While the horror legend has been busy making music and taking on the role of executive producer over the past few years – the latter in regard to David Gordon Green’s Halloween movies – it has been over a decade since he directed a film. At the time of this writing, his latest movie is 2010’s The Ward.

However, it appears that Carpenter is making a directing comeback – at least in television. As reported by the Prague Reporter, during a Q&A panel at the horror convention, Carpenter revealed that he directed an upcoming TV show called Suburban Screams.

Carpenter shares: “I just finished directing, remotely, a TV series called Suburban Screams – John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.”

He then goes on to share a really interesting piece of insight into this project: “It was filmed in Prague, and I sat on my couch and directed it. It was awesome.”

It is not every day that you hear of a director overseeing a project from the comfort of their own couch – that must have been an interesting mix of hard work and coziness.

But also during this Q&A, Carpenter teased the potential release of Thing 2, a sequel to his cult classic 1982 film The Thing.

Teasing this movie, Carpenter shared with the crowd (as transcribed by IndieWire): “I have been sworn to secrecy, OK, because there may be, I don’t know if there will be, there may be a ‘Thing 2.'”

If Thing 2 happens that would be absolutely amazing; it would also be fantastic to hear that Carpenter was directing the film. He is one of the greatest artists to work in genre filmmaking, and while we love his music, we would love to see him direct another movie. Below you can check out the Q&A featuring Carpenter. What is your favorite John Carpenter movie?

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