Herman Li Challenges Machine Gun Kelly to Destroy One of His Personal Guitars

Herman Li: Sven-Sebastian Sajak (Sven0705), CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia / Machine Gun Kelly Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
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Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li has extended one hell of an interesting guitar-smashing challenge to rapper turned pop-punk artist Machine Gun Kelly.

Over on Li’s Instagram recently, the Dragonforce member uploaded a video of himself reacting to a video of Machin Gun Kelly destroying a guitar.

In the portion of the video featuring Machine Gun Kelly, he’s seen swinging a guitar over his head and slamming it into the floor. Per text provided on screen over the MGK video: “I need to find a new way to manage my anger when things go wrong on stage.”

The MGK video then displays the following text: “This is the 17th guitar I’ve broken on tour.”

Li, who has broken some guitars himself, was impressed by what he saw, replying to the moment in his video by saying:

“That’s pretty good, actually.”

Li continues, presenting a challenge to the pop-punk artist to break a guitar the way he does. For this challenge, the Dragonforce member offers up one of his personal guitars for MGK to destroy. Per Li: “But, Machine Gun Kelly, I want to see you break a guitar with your knee the way I do it. So, why don’t you try that? And if you want a guitar to do it, you can take anyone here [pointing to his personal guitar collection behind him].”

What do you make of this challenge that Herman Li has presented to Machine Gun Kelly? What are the chances that he will actually accept this offer and take one of Li’s personal guitars and smash it the way the Dragonforce guitarist does?

Speaking of these two artists, Herman Li once praised Machine Gun Kelly’s guitar knowledge. In a video of his, Li said, “There’s so much shit-talking on Machine Gun Kelly by people that actually don’t play the guitar, or are not professional guitar players. So what is my opinion as a pro guitar player?” To find out what the Dragonforce guitarist had to say about MGK, follow this link here.



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