David Ellefson Says He Rejoined Megadeth In 2010 To ‘Save Their A**’

David Ellefson: Ralph Arvesen, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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While David Ellefson says he would take part in a Megadethfamily reunion” of sorts, when it comes to actually rejoining the band, the bassist says he’s not open to that.

At one point during a recent conversation with PowerMetal.cl, Ellefson was asked if he would rejoin the thrash metal band if he were asked to come back. Over the course of several interviews since his firing from Megadeth, Ellefson has expressed his anger towards how his firing was handled, as well as how he’s tried to move on from that drama.

When it comes to the idea of rejoining Megadeth, Ellefson says (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), “They slammed the door in my face, and I didn’t knock again. I just turned around and walked away.”

Ellefson goes on to talk about why he came back to the band in 2010, which was, in his words, “to save their ass.” He then adds that when it comes to having a sense of “brotherhood,” that’s “not gonna happen over” in Megadeth. As far as Ellefson is concerned, the “chapter” of his life pertaining to Megadeth has “ended.”

Speaking about his return to Megadeth in 2010 and why he won’t rejoin the band, Ellefson shares:

“I went back to [Megadeth] in 2010 to save their ass, because, quite honestly, they were firing James LoMenzo at that time. The poor guy; he’s a nice guy and he’s a good bass player. And I went back at [then-Megadeth drummer] Shawn Drover’s request. And Shawn is a friend of mine, and it was the right request. Because they put a tour on sale and they didn’t have a bass player who could play the parts… So I went back and I saved their ass. And not just that, but also some personal stuff inside the band I helped fix too. And, obviously, it was celebrated and it was big. And at the end of the day, having each other’s back is what’s important.

“When I went through some personal stuff and they didn’t have my back, that just showed, you know what? I don’t wanna fucking be in a band like that; I just don’t. To me, I will always do things for the fans. And so I guess my attitude has always been, keep the door open for the fans’ sake. But when it comes to having brotherhood and having a new song and having a new story and writing the rest of my life, that’s not gonna happen over there in that band.

“Once that door was closed in my face, I just fucking turned and kept going and don’t look back. That chapter of my life ended for a reason. And as I always say, relationships of people, bands — sometimes only for a season, a season of life, and always for a reason. So now that that season has passed, keep moving forward. I like the view out of the front [window] better. The front window of a car is big because you’re supposed to look through it. The rearview mirror is very small, because you’re not supposed to be looking at it. Keep looking forward. I like our view forward now. It’s much better.”

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