Dave Mustaine Claims He Doesn’t ‘Put Any Political Party Favoritism’ In Megadeth Lyrics

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Per Dave Mustaine, when it comes to his songwriting with Megadeth, he says he doesn’t “put any political party favoritism into [his] lyrics.”

During a recent chat with Fox News Saturday Night, the Megadeth singer talked about his lyrics and was asked how the pandemic has influenced his songwriting.

Speaking about the latter, Mustaine shares the following (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I’ve tried to use things that we all deal with without putting too much of a black-or-white yin-or-a-yang to it. I try and go right up the middle so that you can think what you want. With my kids, I’ve always said, ‘Here’s the pro. Here’s the con. Here’s what Dad would do. And here’s what happened.'”

At one point, the interviewer mentions that the Megadeth frontman has been accused of injecting his own politics into Megadeth’s music.

In response to this point, Mustaine goes on to share what he strives to accomplish through his lyric writing. Per Mustaine, he says:

“Well, I don’t put any political party favoritism into my lyrics. I talk about issues that affect all of us. I’ve grown up in a very real outlook towards life and the world. I’ve been living on my own ever since I was 15. So, back in 1976 — that’s like a 10-year-old nowadays. So I know what it’s like for a lot of the kids that are growing up in our nation. And I have my own beliefs of what a big part of that problem is, and I try and put it into lyrics in an easily palatable way so that people can maybe take a look at stuff and maybe not want what I have but ask themselves… ‘I don’t want what Dave has, but do I want what I have?’ That kind of a thing, to give yourself a different perspective and maybe another shot at something in life.”

If you are an avid listener of Megadeth and happen to follow Mustaine, what do you think of his points above? Do you get a sense that he’s injecting his personal politics into Megadeth’s lyrics?

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