Dave Mustaine on Former Megadeth Members: ‘Marty Seems To Be The Only One That’s Ever Amounted to Anything’

Marty Friedman: Shadowgate, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Dave Mustaine Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images
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Along with being one of the most talented guitar players in heavy metal history, Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine is also one hell of a passive-aggressive shit-talker.

During a recent interview with Bloodstock TV, Mustaine was asked about Megadeth’s live collaboration with ex-band member Marty Friedman that took place earlier this year. Mustaine and Friedman reunited for a live performance in Tokyo, and per footage of the two artists hanging out with one another, it seems they really enjoyed each other’s company. In fact, while reflecting upon his relationship with Mustaine since leaving the band, Friedman says things have been relatively chill between the two of them.

But what does Dave Mustaine think of Friedman? Well actually, he has a lot of good things to say about the ex-Megadeth guitarist. When asked about his recent collab with Friedman, Mustaine speaks to his admiration for Friedman’s work; however, he also takes this opportunity to shit on other former band members, saying, “Marty seems to be the only one that’s ever amounted to anything.”

When asked about his team-up with Friedman and if it felt like no time had passed since his departure from the band, Mustaine says (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“It did have a lot of those emotions. It did feel like it was the good old days. Also, Marty has made quite a name for himself on his own since then. Of all of the ex-bandmembers of Megadeth, Marty seems to be the only one that’s ever amounted to anything. No offense to the other guys — that’s how the facts are. If you look at their sales and stuff, Marty’s the only one that’s ever done anything significant. And to be able to go over and visit him in his world… It was neat to see him out of his environment. Plus, when he came in, he was very suggestive on some things to make the show really smooth. And he wanted to go over all the songs that we were playing several times to make sure everything was just really shit-hot.”

Mustaine goes on to add:

“And, of course, Marty being in Marty fashion, he got out there and he mesmerized us all, me included. I found it kind of hard to watch him and do my job at the same time, but I very much wanted to just sit there and watch Kiko [Loureiro, current Megadeth guitarist] and Marty play together, because they two are some of the greatest guitar players in hard rock and heavy metal right now, and to watch the two of them play together was remarkable.”

Do you agree with Dave Mustaine’s comments regarding the other former members of Megadeth? Are you listening to any of the projects started by former Megadeth members?

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