Chris Fehn Says The Only Thing He Liked About Being In Slipknot Was The Fans

Chris Fehn: Morten Jensen, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Among all the various beefs Slipknot has been involved in, one of their more surreal moments of drama involves former band member Chris Fehn. In 2019, the band parted ways with Fehn, and following his exit, Fehn sued them; however, the percussionist would eventually drop his lawsuit against Slipknot.

There has not been much word from Fehn since he left Slipknot, that is until now. Recently, the percussionist took part in his first interview since leaving the band, chatting with the Drum For The Song podcast.

At one point during this conversation, Fehn is asked if he has any message for the Slipknot fans that have remained supportive of him since his exit. Fehn goes on to share some kind words about those fans, as well as how when it comes to his time in Slipknot, “The fans really were the only part that was great for me.”

Per the former Slipknot member (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I pray for them and I love them and I’m sorry that it ended so soon. But that’s the way things go.”

Fehn goes on to add:

“The fans really were the only part that was great for me. That stage performance and seeing them and seeing their reaction was the best part. The rest of it can fuck off. It’s kind of like any band, though. That’s the best part. The rest of it is touring, flights, personalities, this and that, this and that. I really do miss them [the fans]. I miss playing live — I do. But it’s all good, man. It’s all good.”

Based on this more recent conversation, as well as an interview he took part in back in 2008, it appears Fehn didn’t have a great time being in Slipknot. In that 2008 interview, upon reflecting on his experience making the band’s debut LP, Fehn shared: “To understand Slipknot back then was really difficult because it was such mental abuse.”

To learn more about what Chris Fehn had to say about his early days in Slipknot, follow the link below.

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