Buzz Osbourne’s Favorite Metallica Album Will Surprise You

Buzz Osborne: Greg Younger, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Lars Ulrich Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for P+ and MTV
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Out of all the albums Metallica has ever made, Buzz Osborne‘s favorite is not one of the band’s thrash metal classics, nor is it any of their more modern releases.

When it comes to this Metallica album, not only does Osbourne think it’s the band’s “best,” he also says it’s the “weirdest” record they’ve ever made.

That record, Osborne’s favorite Metallica album, is none other than the band’s collaborative album with Lou Reed, Lulu.

At one point while chatting with New Noise Magazine recently, the Melvins frontman was asked about Lulu; specifically, the interviewer notes that Osborne said in a past interview that the album was unfairly received by fans.

The interviewer goes on to ask Osborne if there have been any Melvins’ collaborations he feels have been unfairly received, and while answering this, Osborne speaks about how much he adores Lulu. Per the Melvins singer:

“Nothing like that. Those guys got taken to task for it, and I think it’s their best record, easily the weirdest one.

“Metallica should be leading the way. They should be planting the flag in their own spot and making people rally around that. Don’t let people tell you what to do. That’s a terrible idea. It doesn’t work because then you’re assuming that you know what they want. There’s no way you can know that. All you can do is make music that you like, and they obviously liked that thing with Lou Reed, and they’re at a point now in their career that they could do whatever they want. They’re playing stadiums. What’s going to happen? They’re gonna go down to 10,000 seaters? I think they’d be OK.”

When it comes to people talking about their favorite Metallica album, it isn’t often you hear folks mention Lulu. Earlier this year, Lars Ulrich defended Lulu and said that he feels it has “aged extremely well.”

When we wrote up our ranking of Metallica albums last year, we actually ranked Lulu decently high on our list. What are your feelings when it comes to the record?